Interactive Stock Charts

d3.js and

Interactive graphics with d3.js

Dynamic data-driven charts which render beautifully on your phone or tablet. Create artful displays of shapes, lines and curves.

Dynamic, Real-time Updates

Adding or removing data points is easy as the chart will automatically adjust the size, positioning and scale of the image.


Visualizations can be formed into dashboards for reporting, analyics and educational tools.

Why Build a Web App?

"Nothing is too small for your fullest attention to the finest detail."

A mission to solve every problem on Earth is unattainable and silly unless you approach each problem, feature, or moment equally.

My observations in various disciplines, from tech, medicine or economics, show common patterns of success and failure. Three keys to success:


Like a frog that won't jump out of a boiling pot, the people and businesses that neglect a changing landscape are in deep trouble. Ideas and products once sold in stores or on TV are now purchased with tablets. Digitize your marketing immediately.


There has never been a tool or appliance with greater adoption rate than mobile computers! Without a customized web app delivering information to tablets and smartphones you're lost at sea.


Step out from the cold lonely waters of ink and paper marketing and get digital. Contact me now and I will provide a plan to boost your online presence accompanied with data on how this will improve your bottom line.

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